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Brian Kisling, Sales Associate
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Brian Kisling

Your Premier Real Estate Agent

I’m a local educator of 20 years who has a passion for Real Estate. I love everything about the buying and selling property from the search for potential properties to the discussion of variables in offers. I’m not just the suit and tie guy you think of when you picture a real estate agent. I enjoy getting my hands dirty. I love to build things – most recently, I built a scooter in my garage. My current side project is a Chevy RC Truck.  In addition to helping you buy your home or sell your home, I’m happy to help you think about what improvements that may increase your curb appeal or what type of cost and time you might have to invest in a potential home or investment property. I’ve got firsthand knowledge of installing flooring, demolition of a kitchen in preparation of a remodel, basic electrical, installation of cabinets, and door framing and hanging to name a few. My knowledge of construction puts me in a class above your average Realtor.


In addition to project builds and improvements to my own properties, I’m a gear heard. Among the many vehicles I’ve enjoyed over the years, a few of my favorites are (fill in). You’re likely run into me cruising around town with the family.


I’d be happy to speak with you about your buying and selling or anything else for that matter – so give me a call!

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